Fired Bill Carmody: the moment of truth

Thursday, February 23, 2006

the moment of truth

since it's been long enough since my last post for everyone else to lose interest, and since i'll be heading to state college on saturday to witness this train wreck in person, i suppose i should say something. right now the northpusstern wildfags are 12-12 with 4 games left. i'll be optimistic and call 3 of them "winnable." i'm not entirely sure which of the 3 i'm talking about, but when you have 3 home games and a visit to the 8th place team, thats not overly frightening. at the very least you HAVE to win 2 of those games, because then you only have to win one game in the conference tournament to be post-season eligible. so i guess what i'm saying is, don't blow it.

and it will be interesting to see if the student body, which normally is terrified of witnessing live athletic competition in person, can handle the free admission price and show up for the nationally televised wisconsin game tonight. otherwise we'll be subjected to more whining about fan support from the apparent team spokeman, Mr. Tim "I run like I have M.S." Doyle.


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