Fired Bill Carmody: James is going to be disappointed, but...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

James is going to be disappointed, but...

... i think this is my first non-angry post. watched pretty much the whole IU-NU game last night, and i have to admit, at least they competed. made a couple runs when they could have packed it in and kept the meager crowd somewhat interested. even lil' timmy doyle made some great plays down the stretch with what seemed like 3 sets of steals/layups in about 45 seconds.

when the refs made that terrible jump-ball call after the cats had cut it to 2 with 9:09 remaining, i thought they would run out of steam. IU went on a run but NU game back and had their chances at the end. it's still inexcusable that you don't come out of (or at least adjust) your zone defense when Wilmont is on his way to a school-record nine 3's, but overall i was not disgusted.

in other good news, penn state won at home against iowa, hopefully ended any of this ridiculous talk of the shitty big ten getting 5 or 6 bids. i don't see how they get any more than 3 or 4, but at the same time is Purdon't really any worse than Alabama or Clemson?

anyway, i'm all fired up for March after watching Acie Law IV vs. Kevin Durant I last night. and in exactly two weeks from today i will start destroying Tjioe in the tourney challenge.


Blogger Marc said...

Oh yeah, that game reminds me of the time when I saw Acie Law III and Acie Law II take on Bill Walton and Bill Russell in 2 on 2 at Rucker Park.

3/1/07, 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

You write very well.

11/10/08, 6:10 AM  

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