Fired Bill Carmody: FBC back from hiatus

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

FBC back from hiatus

NU heads to the Kohl Center on Wednesday, and Badger Fan doesn't seem too worried.

what frustrated me more than anything from the Michigan State game is Carmody's postgame quote: "The rebounding is the most essential thing we have to work on." oh really, coach? you might have wanted to address that before getting into the conference season. considering you were last in the country last year, did you really think that recruiting a couple of soft 6' 8" guys would make all the difference? today's trib article describes two rebounding drills that i know Tom Izzo is a big fan of... and specifically mentions that Carmody did NOT use them this year.

as always, this article features the overwhelmingly negative tone we've come to know and love from the Chicago Tribune's NU hoops beat writers. first it was Skip Myslenski, then Neil Milbert, and now we're wearing down some poor sap named Brian Hamilton, whose recap of the Michigan State loss featured this gem:

Thanks to passable defense (or poor Spartans shooting) and better-than-awful rebounding, Northwestern (8-4, 0-2 Big Ten) mustered a one-point halftime lead.

meanwhile, the folks at NU Media Services included something in today's game notes about NU's four close losses and had the gall to title it "Not Far from Perfection"


Blogger Black and Purple said...

We looked really bad tonight. Especially when Jeremy Nash threw the ball out of bounds twice in a short stretch.

1/7/09, 11:14 PM  

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