Fired Bill Carmody: On paper, not sure how this win happened

Sunday, February 01, 2009

On paper, not sure how this win happened

if you'd told me that only one NU player would finish with more than 9 points, and that Coble and Thompson would combine for 14 points and just 1 three in 69 minutes, i certainly would not have predicted a Northwestern victory.  ten missed free throws didn't help, but the 'cats got to the line an astonishing 21 times in the second half and Moore made them when he needed to.

the students made a fairly strong effort, although there was still a lot of red in the house.  (the Airball chant was pretty robust when Rowley missed his free throw.)  but this was a solid, hard-fought win that moves Northwestern to seventh place in the conference.

meanwhile, i continue to be perplexed at the impact Jeremy Nash has been having in the last month.  look, i realize that the 1-3-1 is a little different to prepare for and i know Nash's athleticism has been impressive in disrupting passing lanes.  but i'm astonished that the novelty hasn't worn off.  you're telling me that Final Four coaches like Tubby Smith, Tom Izzo and Tom Crean can't do anything to neutralize Jeremy freaking Nash?!?  i just find it hard to believe that in a league where other teams have better athletes than Northwestern, they can't take this guy out of the game.


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