Fired Bill Carmody: Maybe we could get Billy Gillespie

Friday, March 13, 2009

Maybe we could get Billy Gillespie

the most common criticism i get for this site is generally along the lines of "Carmody has done as well or better than any other NU coach I can remember" or "It's Northwestern - what do you expect? The Final Four?"

i understand where those comments are coming from, but i refuse to accept mediocrity for this basketball program. whatever excuses you can come up with for its lack of success, the NU football program has proven otherwise.

however, i am very content not being quite as blood-thirsty as some fan bases. yes, Kentucky, i'm talking about you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeesh. This is the same rabid, knuckle-dragging fan base that drove Tubby Smith out two years ago. And that wanted to can Rich Brooks...before the 'Cats won three straight bowl games. They deserve whatever they get.

I am a little surprised Gillispie hasn't produced better results, though. I'm sure he'll get it going, if they give him time. If not, he's a catch for anyone.

3/13/09, 5:15 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

I was going through my archives to try to avoid repitition (trust me, that is funny), and I actually wrote this last year as one of the 5 reasons i like the NBA better than the NCAA. Unbelievable. Why does NU not fucking hire me to clean up this mess:

5. I went to Northwestern University so I have no college basketball team for which to root:

Interestingly enough, Northwestern actually one time had a college basketball program, but I think that was in the early 1940s. Not only has Northwestern never been to an NCAA tournament but the highlight of their basketball program was a first round loss in the NIT to DePaul in 1999.

In his just completed eighth season as head coach, Bill Carmody led NU to a 1-17 Big Ten record and an 8-22 record overall. Again, this is his eighth year. Carmody is now 103-135 in his eight awful years as coach and the team gets worse and worse every year. It is pathetic that NU can not field a winning team given it’s proximity to Chicago, Big Ten affiliation, and the fact that you only need one good player in college basketball to be good.

In the past twenty years NU has seen it’s best players transfer (Rex Walters and Geno Carlisle to name a couple) while it’s worst ones have gained playing time (Dan Kreft and the worst college basketball player in history Jevon Johnson). Not only that but one of their best players in the 1990’s, Dion Lee, not only changed his name to Kenneth in the middle of his college career (likely to hide the fact that he was at NU), but he was also implicated in a point shaving scandal and it was in games that I actually sat through and watched. Imagine how awful it is to watch a terrible team and then imagine how awful it is to find out that terrible team was not even trying. Henry Bienen owes me some kind of tuition refund for that. You hear that Hank? And don’t lay it off on Arnold Weber.

NU’s program is awful and likely cursed (RIP Ricky Bridsong, RIP) and I feel disgraced as an NU alum with their basketball program. If I were new NU AD Jim Phillips, the first thing I would do is fire Bill Carmody and hire Brown’s head coach Craig Robinson. Robinson has not only done well at Brown, and is not only familiar with NU, but is Barack Obama’s brother-in-law and if he can’t parlay that into getting players from Chicago into NU, then we should just shut down the whole program and give the money to our fencing team. NU basketball you disgust me, and stop calling for alumni donations until you figure it out.

3/14/09, 10:47 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

Billy Gillespie may be a wonderful coach, but he has not treated the fans or media particularly well, which has created the atmosphere where his shortcomings are magnified. UK fans are increasingly convinced he's a better recruiter than a floor general, which would tolerated if he weren't so prickly. UK's likely exclusion from the NCAA tournament this year is a low blow. Fans' expectations are quite high, unreasonable by some accounts, but their criticisms become even more vitriolic at the end of a disappointing season. Give us some baseball and football to dull the senses and pain, and we'll be ready to pound the round ball up and down the floor with whomever the AD has at the helm.

3/14/09, 11:00 AM  
Anonymous AC said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Cry me a fucking river about Kentucky basketball. It’s like Tom Brady claiming his wife had a zit.

Try rooting for a school who has NEVER MADE THE FUCKING TOURNAMENT and whose coach has been around for ~15% of those losing seasons and even though according to some he is having his best season ever he still finished 9th in an 11 team league with ONE TEAM ON FUCKING PROBATION who didn’t field division I players.

I would trade sundial bill car-no-win-dy and his gimmickery for one of Billy Gillespie’s nut hairs (and I don’t even need all of them, just one. Also if you want to throw in an Ashley judd used tampon, that would be a nice bonus).

3/14/09, 1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a lot easier to root for NU basketball if you don't have any expectations for the program.

if i went to every game expecting victory, and went into every season demanding a tournament team, i'd have a nervous breakdown.

3/14/09, 3:05 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

No. That is such a bullshit defeatist attitude. That kind of bullshit is why we still have this dickbag coaching our team. If you don’t want us to want to have expectations of winning, then go watch fucking 8 year olds play basketball where they don’t keep score and everyone gets a fucking Sundae with crushed nuts after the game. What a total horseshit attitude. We field a BIG TEN TEAM to try to win. And if we aren’t going to try to be the best, then let’s just end this whole fucking charade now. Seriously, what a fucking load of horsecrap.

There is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t be able to put a team together where we can expect to win or at least expect to win more than we lose. No one is asking us to be UNC, just to be competitive like our football team. Did you not see GARY FUCKING BARNETT SINGING HIGH HOPES ON THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO IN 1995???????? DID YOU NOT FUCKING SEE THAT???????

Oh my fucking god. NU is better than this, can be better than this, and has shown it can do it with their football team. All we need is a leader with some fucking balls and I won’t stop watching and HOPING WE WIN until that happens.

Seriously, HE SANG HIGH FUCKING HOPES ON THE TONIGHT SHOW AND I AM GETTING MISTY EYED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. That is why I want us to get rid of car-no-win-dy and seek excellence. It’s for moments like that which YOU NEVER FORGET.

So go watch non-competitive ass rubbing if you don’t expect us to win, I refuse to believe we can’t be better than this. REFUSE.


3/14/09, 4:12 PM  
Blogger Closso said...

While I agree with several things you say, your implication that you can't cheer for a team that doesn't do well makes me sick. You are a terrible fan.

3/14/09, 4:51 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

Closso, that is not what i said at all.

I cheer for this team every fucking day. Jeeesh. If i didn't, do you think i would be wasting my time on some random blog like this???

My point was if you aren't going to even try to get better, then why even bother? If you don't expect your team to win, then what is the fucking point??

You can 100% cheer for a team that doesn't do well (everyone here does), but when you accept that as being the norm, that is a bunch of BS.

Anonymoyus is a terrible fan because he is happy us with us sucking. he could care less if we win, and doesn't expect us to.

So hey, let's all have zero expectations and then when we go 1-17 in the big ten we can break open the crystal and order up a round of hummers. Newsflash: This is big ten basketball where competing is the point. jeesh.

I am sorry i have a different bar than you and anonymous.

We're better than car-no-win-dy.

Fuck Carmody

3/14/09, 5:03 PM  
Blogger Closso said...

Sorry, I was confused when you said "I went to Northwestern University so I have no college basketball team for which to root"

3/14/09, 5:22 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

Closso, that was a joke. It is sarcasm. Hyperbole if you will. Have you not read some of the stuff i have been throwing up here?

i also said i would trade car-no-win-dy for one of billy gillespie's nut hairs. You see that was also a joke, because obviously i would want two of his nut hairs.

To be clear: I root for NU regardless. This is why i am so sick of carmody because I BELIEVE WE CAN BE BETTER THAN THIS. I believe another coach could sit next to conan o'brien and sing HIGH HOPES. I wouldn't be this prodigious with my posting if I thought otherwise.

And i have never said we need to win every game or become the most dominant team in the NCAA, that would be moronic (almost as moronic as keeping a coach for 10 years who has been piss poor awful). Heck, even with a great coach finishing last every once in awhile could happen, but we need to treat this program LIKE THE BIG TIME COLLEGE PROGRAM that it is and with which it COMPETES.

Fuck Carmody

3/14/09, 6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just think that after we've had guys like bill foster (resurrected duke), tex winter (hall of famer), and kevin o'neill (nba head coach) come through here and fail miserably, there's no reason to expect anyone short of john wooden, dean smith, or bob knight to come in here and win.

also, i wanted carmody fired after last season. i'm not saying i have no standards at all.

3/14/09, 7:32 PM  
Blogger Closso said...

Don't get me wrong, I think Carmody is a spineless bum too. Has anyone ever seen him actually appear to get fired up to any extent at a game? That's what gets me the most.

3/14/09, 8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what? carmody gets fired up and yells constantly. there was a btn commercial last year devoted entirely to his sideline performances.

i mean, he doesn't burst blood vessels like bo ryan or tom crean, but have you ever watched him? my seats are right next to the bench. he's always yelling.

3/14/09, 8:45 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

1. So you wanted sundial bill fired after last year but now he is ok???????? He was 8-11 in the big ten (really 6-11 if you adjust for one team NOT HAVING A COMPLETE ROSTER). Either way, he went from 11th place to 9th place and that for you redeems him????????

2. If we need to find John Wooden, Booby Knight, or Dean Smith, fine, sounds good to me. No one said this is going to be easy but to just give up and NOT TRY TO FIND A DIFFERENT COACH is ludicrous. We may hire someone even worse than car-no-win-dy (if that is possible), but we’ll never know unless we try. I know what we have in sundial bill. A 30% career big ten win % with a 9 year sample size. Remember, his big ten record this year is still UNDER ONE STANDARD DEVIATION from his career big ten win % so this year is just NORMAL FLUCTUATION. The argument that no one has been able to win at NU, so why try, is unacceptable. Again, our football team was in much worse fucking shape until Gary Barnett took over, slapped his cock on the table and said I’VE GOT HUGE FUCKING BALLS so let’s go out and win.

And everyone on this blog is a fan. Just some of us realize that NU has a lot to offer basketball players and can be competitive with the right structure.

Fuck Carmody

3/14/09, 10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the football team had been bad for 20 years when barnett came in. the team was more than competitive with parseghian and agase in the 60s and early 70s. the basketball team has been bad for 70+ years and counting.

and yes, carmody taking the program to only its fourth postseason appearance in history does indeed redeem him for at least another season. the program would become even more of a laughingstock if they fired him now.

3/15/09, 4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, AC, you were called on the "their real B10 record was 6-11" nonsense in a previous thread and here you go, spouting it all over again.

You know what: Fuck you and your tried, predictable act and your second grade level "Car-no-win-dy" creativity.

3/16/09, 4:55 PM  
Anonymous AC said...


If you really think NU beats Indiana 2 times in a NON-PROBATION year for the Indiana basketball program and goes 8-11 in the big ten, then you deserve a shitty coach like our own sundial bill car-NO-WIN-dy.

Just because someone disagrees with my logical assertion that Indiana being on one year program killing probation impacted our record, does not make them right.

It is the lack of critcal thinking like that which has us saddled with a 9 year losing coach.

When none of the big ten teams are on program killing probation, we'll see how well we do with our gimmick offense.

And even if you really think we would have defeated indiana twice or somehow indiana not being on probation would have bizzarely caused teams to overlook us for them (which makes less sense than playing a 1-3-1 defense with little juice thompson on the baseline), we were still 9th FUCKING PLACE IN A 10 TEAM LEAGUE.

And if we agree that indiana was on a once in a program probation (not debatable), something that happens less frequently in the big ten than sundial bill recruiting the big man he needs to shoot jumpers to make his gimmick offense work, then you have to agree that there were essentially ony 10 big ten teams this year. That is not disputable.

So fine, if you want to cry over the contextual 6-11 record (and every big ten team who beat indiana should not count those wins), then make us 8-11. But guess what cocksicle? that is worse than all but 1 of the big ten teams who fielded scholarship based teams.

Fuck Carmody

3/17/09, 3:42 PM  

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