Fired Bill Carmody: Michigan State memories

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michigan State memories

despite the rough record that NU owns against the Spartans, there have been some recent close calls. in the 2007 conference tournament, hit enough backdoor layups to keep it close and had a chance to tie it before turning it over.

back in 1998, NU almost pulled off a stunning upset at Welsh-Ryan. that MSU team finished 22-8 and went to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to Carolina. but in January of that year NU fell in overtime. without question the highlight of that day was walk-on Matt Kammrath picking the pocket of Mateen Cleaves at midcourt. if only Esch had hit a few more free throws...

Michigan State went to three straight Final Fours starting in 1999, but they almost lost to NU again that year. Cleaves saved the day in the Big Ten tournament.

hopefully tonight's outcome is more like those games and less like the year MSU won the national title; that was ugly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Bill Carmody out coaches yet another ncaa basketball hall of fame coach for the second straight win. You know, because you've been bashing Carmody for the past 3 years about not being able to out coach the opponent. If you're really that unloyal to your team, Why are you even a fan? I give Carmody credit. He's done better than any other coach for NU that I can remember

1/21/09, 11:17 PM  
Blogger #1 blogger said...

really? you think i'm "unloyal" because i want our basketball program to succeed? i've said a million times that if Bill Carmody takes this team to the NCAA tournament then i'll close up shop forever. but i refuse to subscribe to the "aww, shucks" mentality that has permeated this program for decades.

1/22/09, 9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get it

1/22/09, 2:12 PM  

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