Fired Bill Carmody: 'Cats welcome Chicago State to Evanston

Monday, February 02, 2009

'Cats welcome Chicago State to Evanston

back in December Kyle Whelliston wrote a piece on Chicago State's best player, David Holston. (because, of course, that's what Kyle Whelliston always does: write over 1500 words on a player/coach/school no one has heard of). last week in a 123-121 4OT loss to Utah Valley State. Holston missed 16 of 21 threes and still put up 41. but he was outdone by UVSC's Ryan Toolson, who shot a ridiculous 18/31, 7/11 and 20/21 on his way to 63 points and the win.

Holston is the nation's third leading scorer and Chicago State likes to run, averaging 82 ppg. i don't know that NU will be able to slow them down entirely, but obviously this is a team they should beat. if all goes well, Holston will cause no more problems than the last time Northwestern hosted one of the top scorers in the country.


Blogger Scott Gillard said...

Nice shot of your boy Sean Wink in that last link. WINK!!!

2/3/09, 12:14 AM  
Blogger Scott Gillard said...

But seriously, i looked through the schedule today, i arrived at 16-13 heading into the big ten tourney giving away some winnable games. FBC, please run down the remaing schedule and assign a final record please.

2/3/09, 12:15 AM  

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