Fired Bill Carmody: Questions about playing time

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Questions about playing time

more than a few fans have raised questions about Carmody's inconsistent rotation. today's Daily goes into that a little bit but neither the article nor the coach offers much explanation. i looked at the last few games and you can see the range in mpg per player below. probably Ryan and Peljusic experience the wildest swings. it's also interesting that Ryan's significant minutes at Michigan and Iowa almost disappeared entirely after those losses.

for me, this has been a source of frustration for much of the season. and it's not just minutes played but also who is on the court together. there doesn't seem to be much of a pattern in terms of who plays with whom, and as a player, i would think that's a less than ideal situation. i can't help but wonder if Jeff Ryan's 18 minutes of play are affected by any thoughts in the back of his mind that if he messes up, he won't get off the bench next time. here is another interesting look at contributions of different players in the last three games.


Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

Whoa whoa whoa, when did this become a math blog?

I forgot about Peljusic.

2/18/09, 3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm...if guys mess up they don't deserve to play. If Ryan has been shooting poorly and not really helping the team in any way he shouldn't be playing. Also, every player should have it in the back of their mind that if they mess up they will see the bench. Coach Carmody benched Coble at Iowa after he missed a shot and didn't go after the offensive rebound. You need to understand (from a coaches standpoint) that you don't simply let your star player get away with making stupid plays. Carmody would have done the same thing with Ryan as he did with Coble so I don't really know where you're getting at. Lastly, each player on the team knows each other very well and they know each other's game. They should all be able to play with each other no matter what. That is a stupid scapegoat to throw out there.

2/19/09, 1:17 AM  

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