Fired Bill Carmody: OK, my anger is back

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OK, my anger is back

yesterday i made a concerted effort to avoid wild angry rants. but then today i read a column about the "tremendous legacy" left behind by Jeremy Nash. now i'm all fucking pissed off and have no choice but to direct a season's worth of frustration at Aaron Morse. it's one thing to slurp up Jeremy Nash when you thought Northwestern would make the tournament. yes, Aaron Morse did this also, back in January. but to post this nonsense after the team finished the season by losing six out of nine just leaves me confused. confused and enraged. let's see what lil' Aaron has to say.

Welsh Ryan Arena nearly exploded from the decibel levels reached at that moment.

no, no it didn't. W-R Arena has never reached explosive decibel levels. unless you count the times it was filled with fans from Iowa. or Indiana. or Wisconsin. or...

There's nothing sweeter than finally beating your rival, in front of your fans, in the middle of the race to the NCAA tournament.

can you call it a race if neither team crosses the finish line?

After only making seven three-pointers his freshman year, Nash knocked down 39 of them as a senior. He filled in at the shooting guard spot

maybe it's just me, but i like my shooting guards to make more than 1.15 3PT FGs per game.

But how many games would they have won the past two years without him?

according to this, Nash contributed 1.1 wins last season. so the number of wins would have been about the same. i also know that if he could properly execute a chest pass, Northwestern might have won this game. and if he'd been able to make a layup with 20 seconds left, Northwestern would probably have won this game. so let's call it even.

[Juice] told me that playing with Nash in the backcourt had really opened his eyes to the impact good defense can have on the game.

he sure as hell wasn't going to learn that from the current coaching staff.

It will be hard to replace Nash's D next season. But even though the rest of NU struggled this year on that end of the floor, I think you will see a renewed focus next year.

Northwestern's defense struggled. Northwestern loses its best defender. but the defense will be much better next year. makes sense to me.

Maybe we'll see you coaching the 1-3-1 here in the near future.

just a perfect way to end this. NU hoops fans all over the country have been criticizing Bill Carmody's defensive gameplans, so let's bring back a guy who played on a terrible defensive team to coach defense. awesome.



Blogger Aaron Morse said...

I'm glad I could help you release your inner rage. Always makes for an entertaining read. I'm tired of debating NU basketball (some people see me as overly negative, others, like you, see me as absurdly positive), so we'll just agree to disagree.

3/24/10, 1:00 PM  

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