Fired Bill Carmody: bring back KO!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

bring back KO!

alright, maybe that's a bad idea. but as i watch the NU 1-3-1 zone get shredded repeatedly, i did think about what changes can be made to significantly improve the defense, assuming BC is back again next year. immediately my mind went to our old friend Kevin O'Neill.

KO's lack of patience and general dickishness made his tenure at Northwestern a mostly forgettable one. and perhaps only Bobby Gonzalez keeps KO from showing up on the most-disliked coaches list. however, there is no doubt that KO knows his defense. i checked the numbers, and sure enough- USC is second in the country in defensive efficiency and the only non-lock/bubble team in the top 30. (NU is #161)


Blogger Loretta8 said...

USC 246th in offense, NU 35th

Carmody for offensive coordinator, O'Neill for defensive coordinator?

3/9/10, 9:09 AM  
Blogger John said...

The previous commenter beat me to it, but USC also has a historically bad Pac-10 offense to go along with their really good defense. In fact, people have noted that it's almost impossible to have a defense that good with an offense that bad.

3/9/10, 9:52 AM  
Blogger G1000 said...

Loretta8, that would be a very good idea. We need someone to take over the defense, since Carmody hasn't shown he can. On the plus side, I didn't know NU's offense was quite that good (I knew we're good, but not #35).

If we don't get the D fixed, it's going to be NIT again next season (despite our best team ever from the looks of it).

3/9/10, 12:11 PM  
Blogger #1 blogger said...

i'm on board with the off/def coordinator idea. but that makes me think about special teams. and that reminds me of Northwestern football's struggles in the kicking game over the last 5-10 years. and that reminds me of NU's dirty little secret: Pat Fitzgerald is the special teams coach.

3/9/10, 1:33 PM  
Blogger AC said...

Sorry for my late response here to the Indiana game but I made the mistake of watching the first 30 minutes and I am just now getting my eyesight back as that game was so fucking ugly from an NU perspective that it actually triggered an onset of temporary macular degeneration. Oh where oh where to begin. All fucking year deluded NU fans (or as they are more commonly known as Fallen Under Carshitty's Kooky Spell, or simply FUCKS), have been saying to wait for the back half of the year, oh me my, just wait until we play all those bad teams (as opposed to all of the bad teams we played at the beginning of the year, you know, like NC State, Iowa State, and a whole fucking non-conference schedule of not even NIT teams, except of course the team we lost to, Butler). Well we just played those bad teams and they shit all over us like we were trying out for a German scat film. In year 10 of the Carshitty reign of error (yes year fucking 10 for those of you new to NU), he just led his "best team ever" to 2 wins and 4 losses against the ass of the big ten. Iowa, Indiana, and Penn State who have a combined record of 11 and 43 in the Big Ten, or 7 and 39 against the non-NU Big Ten teams which is a fucking 15% winning%, just dropped our great logician in 4 out of 6 games. Just go back and read that again. 3 teams with a combined 15% winning% in the Big Ten just won 66% of their games against the best team Car-No-Win-Dy has ever had in his TEN FUCKING YEARS. You know what I call that? A fucking disgrace. But hey, the FUCKS seem happy. Shit, if they loved him at 1-17 a few years ago, they must be doing the fucking backstroke in their jizz stained shorts at his 7-11 record this year.

But let's just look at this last game in a little more detail. Before defeating NU, Indiana had lost ELEVEN consecutive games by an average of SEVENTEEN POINTS. That's not just bad, that's having to live in foster-walker bad or Lindsay Lohan's singing bad. But it gets even worse. In their last 8 games before beating NU (and again, all 8 were losses), Indiana was outscored by an average of TWENTY ONE POINTS. That is fucking amazing. Here are the point differentials for Indiana from their eight games/losses before beating Car-No-Win-Dy and his single gimmick team: -17, -17, -28, -14, -23, -32, -16, -19. That is so fucking bad I may have to start and I could give a shit about Indiana basketball. In the first half, NU was simply OUTHUSTLED. Indiana went after every loose ball while Carshitty's pep talk had his player flatter than an Olsen twin. AC has been through a lot of NU seasons and games but that loss to Indiana was EM-FUCKING-BARRASSING. I mean it's only Carshitty's 10th year, so why should we expect him to go better than 2 and 4 against teams with a 15% Big Ten winning %? He just needs more time to perfect his ability to give the FUCKING ILLUSION of almost being mediocre.

While this post on firebillcarmody postulates on whether Carshitty needs to hire a defensive coach, I maintain that that would be like putting a band aid on a deep, gaping anal fissure. It's not going to work and you're just going to wind up getting shit on your fingers (figuratively of course as it pertains to NU basketball). It's enough with this shit already. How is it that the best team in NU and Carshitty's history may not even make the NIT??? Oh yeah, because our schedule was fucking easier than a hefty Gamma Phi Beta gal at last call of a Hamilton's all you can drink night (and perhaps AC just dated himself with that reference, but then again, with the advent of the internet and, AC has been dating himself for quite a while).

Will NIT cameras be in the NU basketball office to tape their selection show and show all of the FUCKS celebrating? And by NIT, I mean the CB fucking I.


Fuck Carmody.


3/9/10, 10:42 PM  

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