Fired Bill Carmody: Heckle

Thursday, April 01, 2010


after witnessing Northwestern's loss in the NIT, we were just sitting around as fans filed out. after a few minutes i remembered that Bill Carmody, after going into the locker room, does a postgame interview with WGN Radio. sure enough, i leaned forward in my seat and saw him standing by press row with headphones on.

i joked to friends that i should yell something at him after the interview. obviously, as soon as i said that, the expectation was that i would yell something at him after the interview. i really wish i'd put more forethought into this, but he was wrapping up with Dave Eanet so i had to come up with something quickly. he took off the headphones and started walking towards the tunnel opposite our seats. i knew it was now or never.


in the next half second i realized just how much of the crowd had cleared out. i know i'm a good yeller, but i'm not kidding when i say it fucking ECHOED. it sort of startled me, but at the same time i recognized that he had no doubt heard me, and i pretty much had the attention of anyone left in the arena, so i needed to capitalize.


i fully admit that i should have yelled something more insightful/insulting/funny. my brother in law is pissed at me for not yelling out the name of this blog. that's a great idea that i hadn't thought of, but i'm also not sure that something ending in "" has great POP. over the course of the next few days i thought of dozens of better things to yell, but at that moment back on March 17, it felt good just to yell anything. it's difficult being a Northwestern basketball fan living outside Big Ten country. i've been able to see a game every year or two, but that's not nearly enough outlets for my anger. for me to release a season's worth of frustration and have BC actually hear me, that was extremely cathartic.


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