Fired Bill Carmody: Coble pusses out

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coble pusses out

in a move that apparently didn't surprise Bill Carmody, Kevin Coble has quit the team. the most insightful articles i've seen are this and this. [although i think this tweet sums it up best.] for some reason Andy Katz is still drinking the purple Kool Aid, insisting that a summer trip to Italy is the key to success. but for me, this line near the end of Willhite's article sums up just how dire the situation is:

"forwards Mike Capocci and Ivan Peljusic have renewed incentive to bust their butts throughout their senior year"

if that's what the season comes down to, i don't like our chances.

i'm sure more details will surface in the coming days/weeks/months about exactly why he isn't coming back. he will stay on campus to graduate in the fall, so that figures to make for several awkward situations when he comes across other players on campus. i have to assume his decision came about in one of two ways...

1. Kevin and/or Kevin's mom are not pleased with the surgery and rehab. He's not as ready by now as he should be and probably is looking at another wasted season. He probably won't be at full strength for Game 1 and really will never get back to where he was. Another redshirt season is not an option, so he says, "Screw it. I wasn't going to play pro ball anyway, so I'll just graduate and go start making money in finance (or whatever)." If that's what happened, then blame goes to either the NU medical staff for a poor effort or just bad luck for a worse-than-normal broken foot.

2. Kevin may be frustrated with his extended rehab, but he's still in a position to contribute to the team this season. However, the team kinda sucks and the rest of the Big Ten is pretty good. He's not inspired by his coach and doesn't care all that much for his teammates. So he's out. If this is what happened, then Northwestern basketball is so much worse off than we ever imagined. Sure, we all like to talk about that first bid and how the players on the team that breaks through will be NU heroes forever. But I think we're forgetting one thing - THE PLAYERS DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

all that rah rah "let's make history together" is nonsense. players don't want to come to a school where the weather is cold, the classes are hard, the girls are ugly and the arena is empty. think about it: Kevin Coble dealt with his mom's cancer and an injury and helped lead this team through two of it's most successful seasons in a long time. and after all that, he doesn't even wait to quit until AFTER A FREE TRIP TO ITALY!! if Kevin Coble really thought this team was about to earn it's first-ever trip to the dance, after all the crap he's gone through, don't you think he would stick around for the reward? if a guy like that can leave the team now, then i have absolutely no hope for the future of this program.

either he doesn't think the team will make the tournament or he doesn't care if they do. no matter which it is, it ain't good.


Blogger Marc said...

Another casualty of the dreaded Lance Williams Foot Disease.

7/28/10, 9:32 AM  
Blogger Bob Dettman said...


7/28/10, 1:32 PM  
Blogger G1000 said...

So, so pessimistic. We'll see. I don't think Coble leaving hurts us much. It's going to come down to defense.

8/1/10, 9:06 PM  

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