Fired Bill Carmody: the league gets better by subtraction, addition

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the league gets better by subtraction, addition

well, bill carmody just moved a lot closer to the bottom of the rankings of big 10 coaches. (and let's be honest, he was pretty close to the bottom anyway.) the woefully inept Steve Alford is wisely staying ahead of the Iowa City posse and moving on to The Pit. meanwhile, Tubby Smith is taking over in Gopherland. Iowa/Michigan's choices of hire are still pending, but right now we have a group of solid coaches with concrete resumes (Ryan, Weber, Sampson, Tubby), a couple of youngish guys who look like they could be superstars (Matta, Painter) and a possible hall of famer (Izzo). seriously, that list is all you need to explain why PSU and NU battle each other every year for the conference tournament 10 seed.


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