Fired Bill Carmody: So I guess we're the only ones paying attention

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So I guess we're the only ones paying attention

obviously you guys were all over it yesterday, with the news that Carmody is not going anywhere for at least one year, although it sounds like his wiggle-room might be even wider than that. i wish i were a big-money booster and could put the pressure on Bienen, but i guess if that were the case i would actually be having an impact instead of writing this stupid little blog.

just very disappointed in the president's comments, which insinuated that it hasn't really occurred to him to let Carmody go. i guess at this point the administration has resigned itself to sucking and as long as there are no low grad rates or NCAA scandals, they're content to sit in a distant last place. and unfortunately that means i am forced to keep watching NU basketball for at least the next 12 months. i was pretty much hoping that they'd fire him in three weeks and then i could retire this site and ride off into the sunset.

i know the team has played better the last few games, and i know they don't really lose any seniors, but i look at it kinda like NU football's defense over the last few years - sure we may return a bunch of starters, but is that necessarily a good thing when we're giving up 450 yards a game?

they just assigned its last scholarship spot for next year. and while Davide' can call himself a center at 6' 9" playing in the Detroit Catholic League, i don't think that position transfers when you move to the big ten. we'll see...


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