Fired Bill Carmody: Or not.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Or not.

blame this one on me. i jinxed it. 11 real-time minutes after my earlier post, NU had gone from up by 12 to down by 4. the 'cats went into one of their classic dry spells and a perplexing switch to 1-3-1 zone allowed the hawkeyes to hit a couple threes. they kept it close with a couple shots down the stretch but never got back to even. a 40+ second possession in the final minute led to a missed three by Moore and he missed another one close to the buzzer.

i don't really have a problem with going for the win on the road, but you hate to lose a game where they actually had some things go their way: NU outrebounded them 33-30; iowa missed 15 of 21 from deep; but was not enough. in the postgame interview Carmody sounds like he's going to cry, and i don't blame him.


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