Fired Bill Carmody: Where have you gone, Robbie Reid?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where have you gone, Robbie Reid?

so on paper tonight's game looks fairly even. (although vegas has the 'cats at ~10 point underdogs) both teams have similar records and the points for/against are almost identical. i think "surging" is probably too strong of a word here, but Michigan has won four out of five following a brutal 1-11 stretch (of course, that 1 victory was a 10-point win in Welsh Ryan). they are coming off a home win over the Illini during which UM honored Jalen Rose, who sadly didn't break out his NBA Draft suit for the occasion.

hard to say if the effects of recent tough losses will be en- or discouraging for Coble and Co. we just have to hope that Moore has one of his good games tonight and can knock down some shots against that 1-3-1 defense.


Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

The Trib saw fit to spend only 91 words to cover NU's first Big 10 victory in over a year. I'm sure that potential recruits in the area were hanging on every word.

There were longer articles about DePaul, SIU, and Indiana.

2/27/08, 9:27 AM  

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