Fired Bill Carmody: maintaining the Split pipeline

Friday, August 01, 2008

maintaining the Split pipeline

former players Ivan Tolic, Vedran Vukusic and Davor Duvancic are all from Split, Croatia, and current forward Ivan Peljusic is from nearby Zadar. while none of these players have been program-changers, Coach Carmody apparently likes that type of player, since our newest assistant coach is Ivan Vujic, a Split native.

in other coaching news, former NU guard and fan favorite Nate Pomeday has joined Craig Robinson's staff at Oregon State, and Ben Johnson is now at Northern Iowa. the funniest part about that last one is that Ben Jacobson says Johnson "has played for ... outstanding people." i'm not sure i agree, considering Johnson's two coaches at Northwestern were Kevin O'Neill and Bill Carmody.


Blogger e said...

That's a nice recovery after that steroids thing in the Five Ring Circus 20 years ago...wait, different BJ. He looks good for being a roughly 350 year old satirical dramatist...wait different BJ. Good luck Panthers.

8/6/08, 8:38 AM  

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