Fired Bill Carmody: Who's next?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who's next?

as at least two readers have pointed out, the women's coach is stepping down. given the program's recent struggles i'm not surprised, but i do find the timing somewhat curious.

excerpts of the article include "which went 5-26 overall and finished last in the Big Ten this past season" and "whose teams have gone 24-95 in her four seasons with the program."

Carmody went 8-22 and finished last in the Big Ten this past season, and although his record the last four seasons is not as bad (50-71), is it so much better that he gets twice as long to try and fix it? Beth Combs went 8-22 before the 5 win season this year, so clearly there were no signs that the program was improving. but i don't think we can discount the fact that Mark Murphy hired Combs out of Colgate. clearly her biggest (and most important) supporter within the athletic department was gone while Carmody's good ole buddy Hank Bienen is still around.


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