Fired Bill Carmody: Transfer news. and a FBC milestone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Transfer news. and a FBC milestone.

seldom-used Nikola Baran and almost-never-used Jean-Marc Melchior are getting out. of course, this slightly disrupts Carmody's pipeline to Croatia, but one of Baran's reasons for leaving is Serbia's Luka Mirkovic, so internationally speaking, i'd say it's a wash. i wish Jean-Marc well, but i'm sure i'm not alone when i hope he is the first and last hoops player we ever get from Luxembourg.

today's entry marks the 100th post in the history of FBC. i'm shocked that i have been able to carry on for two and a half years, although obviously there has been no shortage of NU failure on the court to help keep me going. i also never expected anyone to visit the site. i estimate there must be at least a half-dozen regular readers out there. so, thanks for that.


Blogger buckyor said...

Well, I'm one of 'em. Keep up the good fight.

7/10/08, 12:37 PM  
Blogger e said...

You are a testament to bloggery.

7/11/08, 11:10 AM  
Anonymous supraturbo94 said...

You suck, but I keep reading anyway. Count me as one of the six.

7/17/08, 10:57 PM  

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