Fired Bill Carmody: Game #2 on tap for tonight

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game #2 on tap for tonight

the opponent is one of those schools that can be a head-scratcher when you see scores on the ticker: TAMU-CC. for the record, it stands for Texas A&M at Corpus Christie. if that is not enough incentive to buy a ticket, know that NU is handing out coupons for Krakus Ham, which apparently is "prestigious" and "imported from Poland, a nation known for making ham as the Swiss are to watch making and Germans to car manufacturing."

meanwhile, anyone who has spent time on has seen the Wildcats All Access video player from CBS College Sports. included in the men's basketball section are videos which ostensibly were played at this year's Fast Break Club event. Mike Greenberg offers some very vanilla encouragement, Jitim Young checks in from the Ukraine to ask Coach Carmody for more sweatpants, and while Mike Wilbon's allusion to the 1995 NU football team may be a stretch, he clearly has been paying attention to the roster. i find it interesting that he is currently (arguably) Northwestern's highest profile alumnus. last week he hosted the NU women's lacrosse team when they were in D.C. for a White House visit, and he is Northwestern's representative in the Big Ten tv commericials alongside Gerald Ford, Jesse Owens and Tennessee Williams.

back to topic: tonight we expect to see Craig Moore surpass Vedran Vukusic's career record of 212 made three-point shots. (Sean Wink would have this record by a mile if he hadn't bailed on his teammates - he had 143 in just two seasons.) we also will likely get our first look at freshman Luka Mirkovic, who sat out the Central Arkansas game for briefly playing professionally in Serbia. on paper this should be an easy win against another team from the Southland conference...


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