Fired Bill Carmody: Alamo Bowl preview - basketball edition

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alamo Bowl preview - basketball edition

in honor of the 9-3 football team heading to San Antonio, i've put together a comprehensive look at how this all relates to the NU hoops team. (i realize these numbers are completely irrelevant, but the team doesn't play again until next week and i have a lot of free time on my hands.)
  • Northwestern is 3-4 all-time against Missouri. NU is technically on a three-game winning streak; the most recent victory was by 12 in Evanston... in December 1968.
  • NU is 2-7 in games played in the state of Texas.
  • under Bill Carmody, the Wildcats are 2-2 against the Big 12. NU swept a home-and-home with Kansas State in '01 and '02 and dropped one against Colorado in '03 and '04.
  • NU has played in four bowl-related basketball tournaments: 1968 Gator Bowl, 1975 Sun Bowl, 1988 Fiesta Bowl and 2004 Sun Bowl. its record in those games is 3-5.
  • speaking of bowls, NU has all-time records of 1-3 vs. UCLA, 2-1 vs. Bowling Green, 1-2 vs. Nebraska, 1-0 vs. Tennessee, 3-6 vs. USC and 1-2 vs. Cal.
hopefully all those negative numbers and the 13.5 point spread aren't too much for Corey Wootton and Co. to overcome as they try to slow down Mizzou's army of Chases.


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Holy $hit that's some impressive research. Perhaps you should consider getting a job.

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