Fired Bill Carmody: Wildcats move to 4-1 with undefeated Seminoles looming

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wildcats move to 4-1 with undefeated Seminoles looming

Welcome to the season, Kyle Rowley. the big man contributed 10 points in 20 minutes, including a layup in transition and a couple nice baby hooks in the lane. his performance drew these cryptic comments from his coach:

"He's niftier than you think. And when Kyle gets rebounds they look like rebounds are supposed to look. There's something there I think."

wow, that's pretty high praise. thanks, coach.

anyway, while the team's outside shooting had an off night (4/20), we finally saw the impact of the bigger roster: a 12 point advantage in the paint and a 37-29 victory on the boards.

next up is 7-0 Florida State, who is coming off wins over Cincinnati and Cal at a tournament last weekend in Vegas. NU will have match-up problems with quick guard Toney Douglas and 6' 9" freshman forward Chris Singleton. while this is by no means a dominant FSU squad - four of their victories are by a combined 11 points - this is still an ACC opponent currently ranked 31st in the AP poll. at home, on national television... i'll stop short of calling it a statement game, but this is definitely an opportunity to win a game we we're not supposed to, which is what this program has been missing. FSU's athleticism will exceed anything NU has faced so far this year, but hopefully their defense will be able to slow them down. we can expect the largest home crowd of the season, although that's not saying much considering the average attendance for the first three home games is 3000.


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