Fired Bill Carmody: Big Ten - ACC Challenge tied at 3-3

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Big Ten - ACC Challenge tied at 3-3

we all know the ACC has won all 9 of these things, and since 2003 their record is 36-15, but this year is not a beat-down, at least not yet. and the Big Ten could have had more; Iowa missed free throws to tie it @ BC, and Illinois, down by two with ~15 seconds left, decided to dribble around and not get a shot off against Clemson. Purdue was handled by Duke, Minnesota moved to 7-0, and Ohio State's win should come with an asterisk since Miami's Jack McClinton was ejected early for a little girly slap on Anthony Crater.

tonight all 5 ACC teams are favored, and the closest underdog is Northwestern, getting 1.5 points at home. NU is 1-9 in the Challenge, including 1-2 vs. FSU. Bill Carmody is going for his 200th career victory.

and while this has nothing to do with NU basketball, i'd like to congratulate Mike Phelps on being named SI's Sportsman of the Year. what a nice honor for someone who, when he's not driving around drunk, is bringing his stripper girlfriend home to Mom.


Blogger Marc said...

Home teams are not faring too well this year (2-4). Kyle Singler is the latest incarnation of Peete

12/3/08, 9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

would love to see Phelpsy tatted up for the 2012 London Games - how about a giant tat of a mustachioed Mark Spitz across his back titled: "You Can't Touch This"

12/3/08, 5:05 PM  

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