Fired Bill Carmody: Another disaster in the upper Midwest

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another disaster in the upper Midwest

similar to last month's loss at Wisconsin, the outcome yesterday was never in doubt. there wasn't much that NU did right...

- only 8 two point field goals
- 11/17 FTs (vs MN's 21/27)
- out-rebounded 40-21

more than a couple fans have noticed that Kyle Rowley seems to be getting better, although he still is far from an impact player. and it's safe to say a lot of the shine has worn off Jeremy Nash. Carmody offered no explanation as to why Moore got only 18 minutes.

the trip to IU is pretty damn close to a must-win if the Wildcats don't want to get shut out of the postseason again.


Blogger Mikey K said...

i was one of the 15 or so purple-clad fans at the barn last night... and here's what i saw...

moore seemed distracted at the start, then started pouting on some foul calls. that call on him tackling iverson was brutal, but he started whining and took himself out mentally in my opinion. after moore traveled on that inbounds play, COMING OUT OF A TIMEOUT, BC banished him. i know moore has been our guy many times this year, but last night he wasn't a factor, so i was ok with the benching...until i watched sterling and nash try to break that press - yikes.

coble went to the locker room for 10 minutes during warmups while the rest of the team was out shooting - seems like his flu was not really under control.

rowley has been looking better - he's still plodding with his post moves but he's making them with more decisiveness and confidence, which is good. i am looking forward to watching rowley and colton iverson battling in the post for the next few years.

overall, minnesota was much bigger, quicker and more athletic than the 'cats. westbrook abused everyone who tried to guard him, and 6'8" paul carter was able to guard juice with some success. it was a setback to 2005 NU basketball, i.e., stand around, shoot a 3, and five guys get back on defense without any chance of o-rebounding.

i see some good things from the 'cats but this inconsistency is maddening. is the higher expectation signifying progress? maybe... but i'm not sold on this group.

2/23/09, 11:18 AM  
Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

Wow, great recap. It's nice to have a thoughtful, first-hand account of the action.

2/23/09, 1:35 PM  
Blogger Howard said...

This breakdown of the Big Ten tournament picture includes a riff on Bill Carmody:

2/23/09, 4:48 PM  

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