Fired Bill Carmody: Now to the road for 4 of last 5

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now to the road for 4 of last 5

it was a relief when the 'Cats held on last night, especially when turnovers by Nash and Thompson coughed up a 5 point lead in the last 90 seconds. as we look ahead at the schedule, there are no completely unwinnable games, and two that NU "should" win. at the same time, no one would be shocked if they lost all five. two W's should all but guarantee a postseason berth.

their last three conference wins are by a combined 8 points and the last three conference losses are by a combined 9, so what happens is really anyone's guess. but i will predict a loss on Sunday considering Minnesota's 13-2 record at The Barn (with only two losses to Purdue and Michigan State).


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