Fired Bill Carmody: NU content to let Iowa beat them

Sunday, February 08, 2009

NU content to let Iowa beat them

well THAT certainly didn't look like a tournament team.  look, i realize that NU plays the 1-3-1 most of the time, but you would think that after a first half in which 17 of Iowa's 20 shots came from behind the arc, Coach Carmody might want to throw in a little man-to-man.  everyone knows that threes from the corner are the easiest shot to get against that defense.  clearly, Devan Bawinkel and the Iowa coaching staff knew that.  but NU just sat back and hoped that enough of those shots didn't go in.

the Wildcats got nothing out of Kevin Coble, although that's not entirely his fault since he was confusingly on the bench for long stretches of the second half.  giving one of your two top players only 26 minutes when he has no fouls doesn't seem like a winning strategy.

Iowa is a bad team that did not play well, but NU was just awful enough to lose.


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