Fired Bill Carmody: Shurna gets a call from USA basketball

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shurna gets a call from USA basketball

yes, you read that right. seventeen players were invited to try out for the USA Men's Under-19 World Championship roster, and John freaking Shurna is one of them. based on the other sixteen names, i can't imagine that he will actually make the team, but this is pretty heady stuff for Northwestern basketball and for Shurna, who will get some first-class coaching for once courtesy of Jamie Dixon. best-case scenario for NU is that Ralph Sampson III comes out of the tryouts with at least one torn ACL.


Anonymous AC said...

I am pretty sure he was only invited in order to teach the 11th and 12th men how to properly cheer from the bench during the last 10 minutes of games. Something Shurna perfected this last year.

Or maybe he was brought in to teach the under 19 team the Princeton offense as a practical joke.

Or maybe they just thought Shurna was eastern European and wanted to pick his brain about what to expect in international play.

I could seriously write punchlines to this all day and eventually hit on a funny one, but no time.

But congrats to Jon, I hope he does well now that he’s there.

Fuck Carmody,


6/1/09, 2:42 PM  

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