Fired Bill Carmody: Northwestern loses again

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Northwestern loses again

well, indirectly. remember this guy? Northern Iowa was just knocked out by Purdue.


Blogger Scottie said...

Look, if effing Siena can WIN games in back-to-back tournaments, we certainly can just MAKE the damn thing.

3/21/09, 12:39 AM  
Anonymous AC said...

A few points/questions:

1. As I have been saying, the big ten is pretty crappy this year. Yeah, they got 7 teams in the tourney but they just went 4-3 in the first round which is about as remarkable as lunch at foster-walker. So our 9th place finish in what is a shitty league becomes even more embarrassing. The slogan for year 9 of the Car-shitty error: Where progress is not what it seems.

2. How long does sundial bill have left on his contract? I really don’t know, though if it is more than yesterday, then it is one day too long.

3. I am glad you mentioned Siena. Since my wet dream of coaches (and I mean that in the most heterosexual way), Craig Robinson, is not leaving Oregon State and their great beavers, and since there is no way VCU’s Anthony Grant would want to take another intermediate step to the big time by coming to outpost NU, my new nomination to replace Car-no-win-dy is Fran McCaffery of Siena.

Again here are my criteria:

1. Young and passionate about basketball
2. Has been around schools like Northwestern where academics are stressed
3. Knows Chicago and the Midwest
4. Is related to the first African American president of the United States of America.

As for mccaffery:

1. While he is not the youngest coach at almost 50, he is still young enough to build a program. He is the first coach to take three different teams to the tournament from non-major conferences (Lehigh, UNC-Greensboro, and Siena). The guy just flat out fucking wins. His career record is 224-170 but a number of those games were probably against better D1 teams. He is 81-55 in his conferences over the last 8 years.

2. He went to fucking Penn. He has seen academics and athletics mix. Plus he was an assistant coach at Notre Dame for 11 FUCKING YEARS. Look, we all know Notre Dame is a shitstain on NU’s well chiseled buttocks, but ND likes to give the illusion of being a decent school. This guy has had to deal with admissions before and he must be a reasonably smart dude if he went to Penn. Oh yeah, according to wikipedia, his players have a 100% graduation rate. Ponder that Jim Phillips and the NU Board.

3. Did I mention he was an assistant at Notre Dame for 11 years. Holy fuck is this a good fit. 11 years recruiting in the Midwest is enough fucking time to build a network or at least know where the fuck to look for players.

4. I want a DNA test.

So look, I don’t know fuck all about this mccaffery guy. I don’t know if he molested a co-ed at Lehigh or paid players at UNC-Greensboro. All I know is that he has coached 3 shit schools to the tourney and actually won more than one tourney game (so not “just happy to be there” teams), has an almost perfect fucking pedigree for a school like NU, and was nicknamed “White Magic” at Penn. So let this be the start of the Hire White Magic campaign.

Jim Phillips, do you fucking hear what I am saying??????? You can have a guy whose only success is coaching someone else’s players and someone else’s system to success in the ivy league while being able to stick more than 6 inches of his tongue up Henry Beinen’s ass, or you can have a guy who went to Penn, coached at Notre Dame, and has been to the NCAA tourney 4 times with three do-shit schools.

Like I said, I have no idea if he is actually a good coach, but on paper he is almost exactly what we need while on paper Car-shitty still sucks.

Fuck Carmody

3/21/09, 12:46 PM  
Blogger #1 blogger said...

this is from Andy Katz's blog. maybe the Irish will steal our White Magic..

A perfect domino if it were to come to this would be for Virginia to go after Notre Dame's Mike Brey, a Beltway-connected coach who is of high character, and then for Siena's Fran McCaffery to go back to Notre Dame, where he was once an assistant to Digger Phelps. If Virginia were to call Brey, I would be surprised if he wouldn't go for the right offer.

3/25/09, 8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we could lure Billy Gilespie now that he has been axed by Kentucky. He thrives in places like Texas A&M but not under the massive spotlight of UK.

3/27/09, 7:11 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

If carmody is such a great coach, why is he never mentioned for any of the coaching openings?

Oh yeah, because he sucks.

Let's get white magic.

Fuck Carmody

4/1/09, 10:08 AM  
Blogger buckyor said...

Well, the annual coaching carousel has begun. The guy from VCU, Anthony Grant, has gone to Alabama. Tony Bennett, who did a hell of a job with Washington State and was an assistant to his father on Wisconsin's 2000 Final Four team (a team with a level of talent comparable to that generally at NU), took a gig at Viginia. Apparently the Cats had no interest in these guys, and felt that their current coach was a better fit than Grant or Bennett.

Gillispie is also available, and while I don't think he'd be the right fit, I can't imagine he'll be on the market all that long. More positions will change in the coming weeks, and we will continue to not be a player in the market, thus perpetuating the mediocrity that is the hallmark of Bill Carmody.

4/1/09, 10:23 AM  
Anonymous AC said...

"mediocrity that is the hallmark of Bill Carmody." Really?

I would be thrilled if carmody were mediocre.

If car-no-win-dy were mediocre, NU would have finished in the top half of the big ten more than 0 times in his 9 miserably awful fucking years. Calling carmody mediocre is like calling a Paris Hilton movie reasonably well acted or idi amin kind of nice.

The guy is a coaching abortion.

Jim Phillips should be at Fran Mccaffery's front door with a bottle of Cristal, a handful of cash, and at least three attractive ladies who may be coerced to do things to close a fucking deal.

Enough with carshitty already. Bring us white magic (or anyone for that fucking matter).

Fuck Carmody

4/1/09, 5:14 PM  
Blogger buckyor said...

I am guilty of overstating Car mody's accomplishments with the Cats. I was trying to be kind, but in any event, mea culpa. I regret the error.

4/2/09, 7:43 AM  
Anonymous AC said...


my intention was not to belittle you (sorry if it came off that way), i know you were trying to be relatively kind to carshitty.

I was just pointing out to others who think carcrappy is mediocre that he is only mediocre in a world where everything is covered in shit.

Fuck Carmody

4/2/09, 9:58 AM  
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