Fired Bill Carmody: Northwestern's postseason continues

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Northwestern's postseason continues

tonight Craig Moore will participate in the annual seniors-only College Three-Point Championship. i've listed the participants below along with how many 3PT field goals they made this season.

don't be scared off by John Grotberg; his numbers are inflated by the insane and quite awesome style of play that gets Grinnell over 100 ppg. McClinton and Woodfox strike me as players who shoot better within the flow of a game, and i'm thinking Ruoff will continue the struggles that plagued the end of his season.

Matt Lawrence was a late replacement for Kyle McAlarney, whose team will be playing in the NIT consolation game tonight. my pick is Jimmy Baron, but this should be an environment that Moore does well in. if Moore is the best of these eight shooters, let's hope he doesn't follow that up by losing to a girl.

154 - John Grotberg, Grinnell
135 - Erik Kangas, Oakland (because there always has to be a local player)
110 - Jimmy Baron, Rhode Island
105 - Craig Moore, Northwestern
101 - Jack McClinton, Miami
88 - Alex Ruoff, West Virginia
86 - Booker Woodfox, Creighton
82 - Matt Lawrence, Missouri

the dunk contest features a lot of no-name participants aside from Wesley Matthews and Jeremy Pargo, but my money is on UCF's Jermaine Taylor. and yes, i realize i'm one of only dozens who watches this event every year, but nothing will top the 2004 contest. Texas Tech's Andre Emmett was in it along with Bobby Carter from Western Illinois. after chatting for a while, the two (who had never previously met) realized they were cousins and cheered for each other the rest of the night with rambunctious yells of "Dat's my cuz!!" i can only imagine the course of conversation that led to that revelation.


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