Fired Bill Carmody: Chicago Invitational Challenge format = confusion

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicago Invitational Challenge format = confusion

the official teams and dates were released today for the November tournament, but i'm pretty confused on exactly how it works.  NU will play Notre Dame on 11/27 with the winner meeting either Iowa State or Saint Louis the following night.  so the inclusion of Liberty, Mississippi Valley State, Tennessee State and Kennesaw State appears to serve no purpose other than to give the four "host" teams some guarantee wins at home.  the four smaller schools don't get to actually play in Chicago, so it's a bit ironic that they weren't invited to participate in the actual "Invitational."

on the plus side, ND will provide the Wildcats with an RPI booster.  Craig Brackins will be an absolute matchup nightmare if NU gets Iowa State in the second game in Hoffman Estates.


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