Fired Bill Carmody: to Twitter or not to Twitter

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

to Twitter or not to Twitter

Gary Parrish of takes a look at coaches using Twitter. as far as i can tell, the Big Ten coaches currently using the site include Bruce Weber, Tubby Smith, Tom Crean and Thad Matta.

there can be plenty of debate as to the impact of a coach's tweets. what cannot be argued is that the list above represents 80% of the conference's active coaches who have been to the Final Four. (i fully expect Izzo to jump on board soon.)

i realize tweeting does not seem to fit Bill Carmody's personality, but his lack of visibility has already been highlighted, this would seem to be an opportunity with no downside. obviously our football coach dove into Twitter headfirst, so i'll follow his lead and use the medium as well, at least until i lose interest.


Anonymous AC said...

No mention of Kevin O'Neill being hired by USC to clean up that program?

Hiring Kevin O'Neill to clean up your program is like hiring Dan Kreft to teach your team how to shoot 3-pointers or hiring Nate Huffman to teach field goal kicking.

But hey, he got NU to the NIT in half the time it took CarNoWindy to do it.

Fuck Carmody

6/23/09, 1:53 PM  

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