Fired Bill Carmody: This really pisses me off

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This really pisses me off

i can't really express how angered i am by the first three paragraphs of this article.

He had to be content with himself and his surroundings, because you don't see too many men casually drinking a glass of red wine on a weekday afternoon at a sports bar in Skokie. The amateur oenophile was Bill Carmody, fresh off an 8-22 season...

i can just see smug Billy now, enjoying his Carménère without a care in the world. can you really imagine Roy Williams or Jamie Dixon dropping by the local BW3 for some march madness action after an unsuccessful season? or even lower profile guys like Mike Brey or Jim Larranaga? actually i could see Larranaga doing it, because he's cool like that. but he took George f-ing Mason to the final four, so Jim Larranaga can do whatever the hell he wants.

the point is, i'm confused and frustrated that BC was not embarrassed to be seen in such a setting. he had just concluded the worst season of his career, and now he wants to hang out and watch the ncaa tournament?! a tournament in which Northwestern is not even close to participating as a direct result of his inept recruiting and coaching?!?! i understand he needs/wants to relax after a miserable season, but i don't see how doing it this way is, in any way, a good idea. in his defense, perhaps he just assumed he was about to get fired, so maybe he was scouting other programs that would be in need of assistants. that's the only logical explanation.

oh, and NU plays #11 butler tonight. go 'cats.


Blogger Chanyang said...

Sports Bar in Skokie...

How can you take anything in that column seriously after reading that phrase.

Go 'Cats!

11/18/09, 3:10 PM  
Blogger Loretta8 said...

wow that is pretty tilting

11/19/09, 12:20 AM  
Blogger buckyor said...

Who drinks wine is a sports bar?

11/19/09, 6:31 AM  

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