Fired Bill Carmody: Wherefore art thou Jershon?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wherefore art thou Jershon?

as other schools' websites were buzzing yesterday with news of the 2010 recruiting class, was conspicuously silent. well, silent aside from the potentially season-altering news of Kevin Coble's injury.

i realize the early signing period continues until next week, and i also understand that recruits don't need to (and maybe shouldn't) commit in the fall. but it still would have been nice pub to formally announce Jershon Cobb. a little press conference with some quotes from the coaches about why they wanted Cobb and some quotes from Cobb about why he liked Northwestern would go along way in helping to influence other recruits, both for 2010 and beyond.

meanwhile, NU appeared to be on Will Sheehey's list for a while, but it seems that he's headed to Indiana.


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