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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carmody sounds lost

check out this rambling, at-times unintelligible interview with Bill Carmody after the Coble injury. the line that confused me most is this one:

The other thing that happens, which I think is the key, Johnny was going to be guarded by the fourth best guy. Now the best guy's going to guard Shurna.


Blogger said...

Keep in mind that this was Wednesday morning and Carmody only found out Tuesday night. Not surprising that he was struggling to figure things out.

11/12/09, 2:08 PM  
Blogger John said...

Also, not surprising that Carmody would say that as your best defender is typically a big and that one big is going to slide over to whichever is your best scoring forward (i.e. Coble before he got hurt) but that's now Shurna.

I wonder too if this quote was out of context, was it specifically referring to the NIU game?

11/12/09, 2:52 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

I just posted a more in depth comment in an earlier post here ([url] [/url]) on the Coble injury, but I’ll put one quick highlight from this article here.

I love when Carshitty said of Coble:

[i]“He's one of those guys [b]who comes up with stuff that isn't in the offense, like the good guys do.[/b] That's hard to replace.”[/i]

Bolding inserted by me (and I am told I am a very bold inserter).

So Car-no-win-dy is saying that his vaunted Princeton no-offense relies on a player like Coble TO MAKE HIS OWN SHOTS NOT IN THE OFFENSE to work. In other words, the great Princeton offensive system which has led so many schools to NCAA tourney success (like Memphis and North Carolina. What? They don’t run the Princeton offense? Well then maybe Kansas does or Texas or UCLA? What, they don’t either? How about Maryland or Boston College or some other mid tier moderately successful program? No? Not them either? But if this offense is so fucking good, why the fuck are we the only ones running it?? Oh right, Georgetown is too and they are coming off a huge year, plus they have 5 players who can “come up with stuff that isn’t in the offense” as our winless (or is it witless?) leader says) is only worthwhile when a player can score outside of it as the shot clock hits 1.

Fuck Carmody.


11/12/09, 4:58 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

fuck me. I used the wrong fucking symbol to bold, italicize, and post a url above.

I am the Car-no-win-dy of internet html tags.

Fuck Carmody.


11/12/09, 5:00 PM  

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