Fired Bill Carmody: 'Cats survive against Stanford

Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Cats survive against Stanford

i won't bother with a detailed recap since travel prevented me from watching the game, but obviously it was a big W, especially after nearly choking away a 10-point lead in the final few minutes. that's a nice step forward from the late game collapses we watched against Illinois and Purdue last season. the CCSU Blue Devils come to down on Tuesday before the conference season begins.

i don't think anyone thought the 'cats would be 9-1 at this point in the season, perhaps even WITH Kevin Coble. we'll take a close look at the big ten schedule before the Illinois game next Wednesday.


Blogger AC said...

I haven't posted here for a while because college basketball kind of bores me this year as the play has devolved to an almost scat film type level of badness (watching ISU's back court continually dribble into a 1-3-1 zone defense didn't just make John Wooden roll over in his grave, it made him beg to be creamated right away, and yes I know he is still alive), plus I just have too much other shit going on (the internet is a big place and there are many dick jokes to be written). That said, I did catch the end of the Stanford game (or as my friend who watched the whole thing describe it as: "two hours of my life I will never get back") and some of the NC State game a while back, so I thought I would drop a few observations (like Jevon Johnson dropped passes).

1. Little Juice Thompson can play this game. It's amazing what NU could do if they were able to recruit in Chicago (and I realize Lincoln Park high school where Juice went is probably not like real city ball, I mean I lived in Lincoln Park for two years and and it was as "city" as Gracie Glam is virginal). Good thing we have a coach with such great fucking Chicago ties that in 10 years he has been able to get one pseudo-city player. Keep fucking that chicken Carshitty, keep fucking that chicken.

2. I am shocked that we are 9 and 1 but it is likely the softest 9 and 1 in NCAA basketball and softer than one of those Sigma NU douchelickers at NU (and AC was not in the greek system, though he does love "going greek" assuming both the olive oil and young lady are extra virgin, so feel free to substitute Lambda, Lambda, Lambda or Sigma Chi, or whatever for Sigma Nu). Sagarin has us as playing the 283rd easiest schedule out of 347 teams so excuse me while I yawn at our record. I'm thrilled we hung on to beat 5 and 5 Stanford by 1 more point than 5 and 8 University of San Diego did, really I am. Though I am more thrilled to learn there is something called the University of San Diego and will certainly take an adjunct professorship there as soon as my PhD in camel toe spotting is fully realized. I am also thrilled we beat Iowa State right before they lost to Northern Iowa and beat Notre Dame before they fell to 5 and 7 Loyola Marymount (and I would merrily mount NU alum Samantha Harris).

The point is, I am not getting too excited over beating a bunch of likely shit teams. Yes, it's better that we beat them than lost to them and it certainly says something that we won 9 out of 10 games even against shitty opponents, but I have been down this path before. Every year at some point I get excited that maybe we can be good and then I am brought back to reality by the buzzing of the 35 second shot clock going off, the symbol of Bill Carshitty's 10 years of futility. We might be 9 and 1, we might even have a legitimate player in Juice Thompson, but none of that will change the fact that Bill Car-no-win-dy is a terrible coach. So it's not quite yet time to suck each other's dicks (unless it is my dick and you are a female with adequate hygiene), but it is certainly a good start.

Anyway, there is no telling if this team is good or bad until the Big Ten season starts and if I know my boy Car-no-win-dy, it won't turn out well for the Wildcats.

Fuck Carmody.


12/21/09, 8:35 PM  

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