Fired Bill Carmody: Quite a weekend for the Wildcats

Monday, November 30, 2009

Quite a weekend for the Wildcats

well perhaps this season is not quite the lost cause we thought it would be. NU picked up its first in-season tournament title since 1993 by knocking off previously undefeated Notre Dame and Iowa State in back to back nights. although Northwestern did have an unfair advantage since they have so much experience with playing in front of only three thousand people.

seriously, those are two very nice wins. an offensively-assertive John Shurna let the way both nights, and just so i don't get annoying people bitching about this in the comments, i will point out that Carmody's defensive adjustment at halftime of the ISU game made a big difference.

next up is a trip to Raleigh for another undefeated opponent, although none of NC State's wins are particularly impressive. the Wolfpack are led by a pair of 6' 9" forwards, so NU will need a strong effort from Mirkovic, Curletti and Rowley (and probably most of their 15 fouls) to keep Tracy Smith and Dennis Horner in check. this is a huge opportunity to get a road win against another BCS opponent. see you Tuesday night on ESPNU.


Anonymous AC said...

Just an FYI, Obama was at Craig Robinson's game when they played GW this week. If anyone at NU had the vision that AC has, Robinson would be in his 4th year as NU's head coach.

And that Obama guy may have been a bit of a help in recruiting in the same way that having no gag reflex may be a bit of a help in deepthroating.

But good thing we kept Car-no-win-dy, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten full use out of the 35 second shot clocks for which we paid.

Fuck Carmody.


11/30/09, 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Craig Robinson? Really?

Oregon State is 2-3 with losses to Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Sacramento State.

They are bad at basketball.

11/30/09, 11:18 AM  
Anonymous AC said...

Yeah Craig Robinson who went .500 last year with a shit Oregon State team in his first year so without his own recruits whereas Cashitty has only popped above .500 2 times in 9 years with 2 full recruiting classes.

I've been through this on this site before and re-posted it just today so you can dig to find why I was in favor of Craig Robinson. I can't keep holding people's hands through everything. Come on anonymouses (or is it anonymi?), baby steps.

And who fucking cares that Robinson is 2-3, 3 of NU's wins have come against teams with a combined 5 and 14 record. To quote the great derrick coleman "whoop-de-dam-doo."

I'll take Craig Robinson and OSU and you can have Carshitty, and I'll wager a worn out 35 second shot clock that Robinson makes more NCAA tourney appearances than Carshitty does by a factory of infinity (you see there is no real factor when one person will be at 0, weird way math works).

Fuck Carmody.


11/30/09, 1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay. I don't get it. NU has 3 wins over bad teams, but 2 wins over good teams. Isn't that better than 2 losses to very bad teams? Are you saying Oregon State is not bad at basketball? They are bad. They are REALLY bad.

Okay, they went .500 last year. Good for them. But, as you say, that wasn't with Robinson guys. Now that he has had a chance to bring in a couple of his own, they have become bad again. Ouch. Obviously, it's too soon to tell how good the freshmen class will end up being for CR, but good freshmen contribute right away. (see Crawford, Drew & Marcotuillio, Alex)

I will gladly take the team and coach with wins over, at the time, undefeated and ranked ND and undefeated ISU, and you can take the team that is 2-3 with losses to A&M Corpus Christi and Sacramento State.

I like my basketball teams good. If you like yours to be bad, that's okay, I guess.

12/1/09, 1:23 AM  
Anonymous AC said...


I'll take the coach who apparently has the 22nd best recruiting class according to, and you can have Carshitty and his 9 LOSING YEARS with but one NIT cockslap to show for it.

Robinson may suck as a coach, it is still to be determined, but he has all of the fucking attributes one would want. You don't think NU could have gotten inner city Chicago kids to come play for the President's brother-in-law who also used to be a Wall Street banker??? The guy got the #22 recruiting class to come to fucking Oregon and you know what is in Oregon? Trees and white people. Nothing fun there.

So yes, I would take Craig Robinson at NU in a fucking heartbeat over Carshitty because WE KNOW WHAT WE GET in Car-no-win-dy and that is worn out 35 second shot clocks and losses, losses, losses.

Way to have vision anonymous.

You're right Carshitty is the man for the NU job, he just needed 10 years to put together a marginal winning streak against shitty teams.


Wake me when we make the tournament. Oh yeah, we don't have Coble so we can't do it because he has led us to so many Tournaments in his 3 years.

This is starting to bore me. Can someone start a so at least I can put my anger to good use?

Fuck Carmody.


12/1/09, 9:47 AM  
Blogger buckyor said...

"I like my basketball teams good. . . ."

Not really clear what you're doing propping Carmody, then, seeing his recod over the past decade.

12/1/09, 12:19 PM  

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