Fired Bill Carmody: the bandwagon has some mechanical problems

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the bandwagon has some mechanical problems

i won't spend any time analyzing NU's performance yesterday. there isn't any shame in giving up a near triple double to a lottery pick, and i certainly didn't expect the Wildcats to win a road game against a red-hot team contending for a conference title.

the truth is, the Illinois game always loomed as the more important matchup. Ohio State will be in the tourney for sure; Illinois may not. a Northwestern loss at Ohio State is not a bad one; a loss at home to a fellow bubble team might be. considering the OT loss in December in Champaign and the choking dog performance last year in Evanston, another Wildcat loss to the Illini would be extremely painful.

if nothing else, last night's loss probably ended (at two) Wilbon's streak of consecutive Lunardi-bashing on PTI. and Mark Titus earned his 12 zeros for just the third time this season.


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