Fired Bill Carmody: Drew Crawford saves the day

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drew Crawford saves the day

a loss today in Ann Arbor would have been devastating, and early on it didn't look good. Michigan's biggest lead was 17 with about four minutes remaining in the first half. but Crawford responded with a personal 11-0 run in about 100 seconds that cut the lead to 6 and forced a UM timeout. although NU trailed by nine at the half, that little run gave the team some confidence.

Crawford kept it going with another 9 points early in the second half, including a sweet dunk of a missed layup by Nash. threes by Juice and Shurna pushed NU out to a ten point lead with about seven minutes left, but that lead quickly evaporated and the 'cats trailed again with a minute and a half left. Michigan turnovers and Crawford free throws sealed the win for NU.

it is refreshing to see a player in a Northwestern uniform who can dominate stretches of a conference game. during an interview last month with Andy Katz, Tom Izzo (who inexplicably is a HUGE Bill Carmody fan) said BC has done a great job over the years with "different kinds of talent." that's a nice way of saying NU's players traditionally suck. but today we actually had a guy capable of stepping up and going toe-to-toe with a player like Manny Harris and get enough done for a big win.

NU shot the ball fairly well today, held their own on the boards and limited the Wolverines to 62 points. when you factor in the RPI ramifications of Stanford's wins over USC & UCLA along with Notre Dame (now 14-3) knocking off West Virginia, this turns out to be a pretty decent weekend for the Wildcats.


Blogger Scott Gillard said...

"Northwestern's been doing so many things in a more athletic way this year," Ryan said. "As a few of my buddies said, 'Hey, coach, you're now the 11th athletic team in the league. Northwestern passed you this year.'"

1/13/10, 11:24 AM  

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