Fired Bill Carmody: Absolutely NO shame in losing at Iowa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Absolutely NO shame in losing at Iowa

i know what you're all thinking, Northwestern fans. this team still had an outside shot at the NCAA tournament, but you can't believe they blew it with a bad loss at Iowa. keep your head up. on Wednesday Northwestern was simply topped by a superior opponent.

i mean, before last night, Iowa's best win was over RPI #177 Drake. that means Iowa is the third best team in the state. THIRD! in the whole state! that's certainly nothing to sneeze at; third place gets you a bronze medal in Vancouver.

clearly this Iowa team was due for a win. sure they'd lost four in a row, but their fans didn't give up. a whole 8,697 people showed up for the game. some may point out that Carver-Hawkeye Arena has never seen a smaller crowd for a conference game, but it's just that the fans knew Iowa was going to win. and the fans knew the players would go shake hands with the crowd after the win, so the good folks of Iowa didn't want to tire out the players by forcing them to meet with too many visitors. can you imagine if each of the 15,500 seats had been filled? that's a lot of glad-handing!

now, regarding Northwestern's brilliant coach, William Carmody. i've read a few article this morning that accuse Mr. Carmody of odd substitution patterns and an ineffective defensive strategy. well, i checked the numbers and i don't know what those people are talking about. it is true that Drew Crawford played his fewest minutes since December 1 and Mike Capocci played his most minutes of any game this season. but in case you haven't been paying attention, Drew is awfully talented and athletic and has been drawing lots of acclaim from the media and fans. Mr. Carmody's foremost responsibility is to maintain a positive locker room and ensure all his players are happy. if he keeps giving all those minutes to Drew, then Mike or some of the other bench players might become jealous.

and regarding the defense, Mr. Carmody and Northwestern win games with a 1-3-1 zone defense. that's what helped NU beat Michigan State last year, and that's what has earned Mr. Carmody effusive praise. we can't be troubled when other teams take the time to "scout" or "prepare" or "make adjustments." and Mr. Carmody certainly can't be expected to know that Iowa has attempted the most three point shots of any team in the conference. no, Northwestern plays a 1-3-1 zone defense, and if a team happens to come up with an opposing strategy that defeats it, all we can do is tip our cap to them.

other NU fans out there are saying NU played badly and using all kinds of "insightful analysis" to point out the things that Northwestern did wrong. but obviously those people didn't see this headline. that makes much more sense. see? the Wildcats were a victim - they didn't do anything wrong.


Blogger Loretta8 said...

I need an AC rant to help ease the pain. Please, AC, for the sake of all of us.

2/11/10, 11:01 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I watched it. Iowa beat us. Plain and simple. But seriously, when you're down 12 and firing up bad shots, go ahead and crash the boards. There's not much sense in a low shooting percentage environment, down by 12, to get 5 guys rushing back on defense.

2/11/10, 11:11 AM  
Blogger BupsJones said...

This is great. Time to hire Jerry Tarkanian!

2/11/10, 1:00 PM  
Blogger AC said...


Keep fucking that chicken Bill, keep fucking that chicken.

You'll get your rant later Loretta, AC is way to busy these days to give a fuck about a shitass coach of a bottom feeding big ten team who has the easiest schedule in the conference (only one game vs. the purdue chickens and one game vs THE ohio state fuckguys).

The guy who runs this blog said it best in his post today. We fucking do the same shitass thing every fucking week (which would be fine if that shit ass thing actually worked). We've now had 10 years of this princeton no-offense (speaking of which, what place is princeton in in the fucking ivy league this year with all of their backdoor cuts?) and the same gimmick week after week after week. While it might fool the NC States and the Butlers of the world (oh wait, it didn't fool Butler), it doesn't fucking fool one Big Ten coach (except for maybe Bruce Weber, but give him a break, he's special). Look AC loves gimmicks as much as the next guy, especially if that gimmick is the "curved tongue trick" and that curved tongue belongs to Brooklyn Decker and the trick is to see how far up AC's ass she can stick it, but for John Wooden's sake will you fucking at least change the gimmick 1-3-1 defense and princeton no-offense once in a while? The 1-3-1 zone defense is so 2002. And I already touched upon the 35 second shot clock violating offense (and I am told, the NU shot clock cowers in the corner in shame during non-game days as a result of what car-no-windy's offense has done to it). Come on Carshitty, let's take baby steps to the vaunted dribble drive motion offense which all the cool kids are using these days by maybe trying to let my man Juice (who is a fucking stud) attack the basket a little more. Ugh.

The worst part of all of this is that all the fucking dickbag carshitty supporters like Dick Vitale (whose coaching record is as glamorous as burce pearl's taint) are going to laud our great logician for finishing with a winning record despite losing Kevin Coble (though of course, we will have a losing record in the big ten with, as said before, the easiest fucking schedule in the conference). So no matter what, car-no-windy will be back next year to try to break out of his losing ways in year 11. Yawn. I have accepted defeat on this already. Carshitty will be here next year to lead us to the tournament, as long as the field expands to 96 teams. It's really like this guy has a golden horseshoe up his ass. First he can't get fired because then his bff Henry Bienen wouldn't get his weekly ball wash, and then when he can finally get fired because Bienen goes away, he loses his best player to give him an excuse for sucking, and now when that player comes back next year, he's going to get NU to the tourney for the first time ever because the field is likely going to expand by 50% (though they might not even make it with an expanded field). This whole thing is a giant clusterfuck but hey, at least we haven't lost to penn state (yet).

So great coaching plan against Iowa Carshitty, really, a fucking Tom Izzo quality preperation, that is if Izzo had been lobotomized with a rusty trombone.

Keep fucking that chicken.

oh, and that may have been a rant.

Fuck Carmody


2/11/10, 2:07 PM  
Blogger Loretta8 said...

nicely done

and you didn't even touch on his rotations, which have recently been making the work of Doc Rivers look Red Auerbach-like.

2/11/10, 4:57 PM  

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