Fired Bill Carmody: It's not you, it's me

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's not you, it's me

it's hard to believe i've been at this for so long; my dumb little blog was born in January 2006. i didn't start FBC because i thought i had all the answers or because i claimed to be an expert on Northwestern basketball. the whole idea behind FBC was that Bill Carmody was just dicking around and no one was paying attention. Northwestern basketball was showing no signs of progress and, from where i sat, not one person gave a damn. so i figured i'd try to stir up some enthusiasm or anger or at least some acknowledgment that NU had a hoops team.

i'm certainly not taking the credit, but i'm happy to say that there now exists a tangible population that has strong feelings about Northwestern basketball. the rumble through the twitter/blog world when Coble quit is evidence of that. there are more NU sports blogs/sites out there than you probably know about, and according to this list, FBC pre-dates just about all of them. several of those do a much better job covering the season than i do...

my personal favorite is Sippin' on Purple, where Rodger pulls off an effective combination of humor and analysis, and he pumps out a TON of content. whether it's Rodger or Loretta8 covering the upcoming season, i look forward to reading what SoP has to say.

i'm also a big fan of Chicago College Basketball. John's work is not limited to Northwestern, but let's be honest: there's only so much you can write about UIC, Loyola and Chicago State. he's a big fan of working in plenty of numbers and statistics, so you NU nerds should love that.

Welsh-Ryan Ramblings might be the most complete NU hoops blog. it has been noted that WRR and FBC have "just about polar opposite viewpoints on NU basketball" and i don't disagree with that. we never got a chance to do a second roundtable, but i'd welcome the opportunity. if you like FBC, you may not like the mostly positive vibe over at WRR, but the site is nothing if not thorough.

i also need to mention Spread Far the Fame, which introduced something called The Many Moods of Bill Carmody. let's hope this feature has legs.

(everyone knows about Lake the Posts. LTP has increased his coverage of the basketball program in the past year or two. which, i suppose, is a good thing. but then i read things like the million dollar idea and think it's best if he sticks to football.)

anyway, this is a long-winded way of me not saying goodbye. i stand by my long-ago promise that i will not shutter this site until NU makes the tournament (or BC gets canned, whichever comes first) but you can expect less updates during the season. i will absolutely still vent my frustration here from time to time, but i have no interest in writing pre- and post-game entries when there are others who do it better. i'm not going away; just dialing it back a bit. oh, and i'll still be active on twitter, for those of you who like your NU hoops commentary limited to 140 characters.


Blogger AC said...

FBC, don't give up the site because if you do, Car-No-Win-Dy wins (which would be the only way to end his ten year losing streak).

Come on, you're better than Kevin Coble (and AC loves that Kevin Coble simply quit rather than subjecting himself to another year of Carshitty's gimmickry and losing ways. Seriously what other team has their best player just fucking walk out and not even transfer or anything? What a fucking joke this Carshitty guy is. And AC lovessssssssssssssssssssss all the fans who were crying "wait for Coble to get back! Then you'll see, Woo fucking hooo!" but they forgot that AC has been watching this Carshitty clown for 10 fucking long and losing years and he knew Car-no-win-dy would somehow fuck this up. AC is counting down the days until Drew Crawford also transfers and wonders if he'll even stay for the Big Ten season.).

Anyway, AC can not wait for the program's new savior, Jershon Cobb, to ably play the wing in the 1-3-1 gimmick defense and then chuck up a 3 pointer as the shot clock runs down in the IT DOESN'T FUCKING WORK AND WE HAVE 10 YEARS OF DATA TO PROVE IT Princeton no-offense (though as always, AC finds it pretty offensive).

That said, AC refuses to go sip on purple or lake any posts or whatever else those fucking sites are. He doesn't want to support anyone who might think this no talent assclown coach, who has the losingest record of any current NCAA coach who has been with a team for 10 consecutive years (ok, that might not be a fact, but AC is going to believe it until someone proves him wrong), is doing anything other than an assawful job (and again, AC has the data to prove it). So if you leave, the only truthful and honest analysis of Carshitty's 10 year reign of error dies. And really, is that what you want?

It's too early for AC to give a shit about NU basketball right now, and this post is clearly not mid-season form AC, but he had to come out of hibernation to make you realize that if this site dies, Car-no-win-dy wins, and you don't want that, do you?

Fuck Carmody,


9/4/10, 12:41 PM  
Blogger Loretta8 said...

nothing like an AC appearance to make me wish it was basketball season

AC, as the second-in-command on Sippin' on Purple, and as a big fan of your work both here and on wagercom, I would encourage you to check out the site. We aren't quite as bloodthirsty as you or FBC, but your rants would be a welcome addition.

9/5/10, 4:14 PM  

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