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Monday, November 22, 2010

Coble talking, Carmody not

it looks like the Coble drama, which bubbled up again last week, may have finally run its course. last week Coble told Luke Winn that his departure from the team centered around disagreement on whether he should go to Italy with the team. Teddy Greenstein did some digging of his own. i still don't completely understand why Coble would come out with unsolicited comments, but it sounds like BC is done talking about it.

the hoops team is off this week but that doesn't mean i can't get pissed off about their weak nonconference schedule. Minnesota basically put themselves in the NCAA tournament this weekend with wins over UNC and WVU. i understand that after the Italy trip NU may not have had the money to go to Maui or Puerto Rico, but those two wins will be at the top of the screen when/if Minnesota's bubble status is discussed 3.5 months from now. NU obviously won't be able to offer anything close to that.

on an unrelated note, i drunkenly scribbled some notes during College Gameday on Saturday, so below is a summary of the signs worth mentioning. lots of people got their panties in a bunch over the FIRE DEMOS sign, but at least that was a better topic than the discussion in the SoP comments about exactly where Chicago's "Boystown" is located. personally, the Demos sign made me laugh, and that's really all i'm looking for in a CGD sign. i saw at least two Washington State flags; here are the rest...

  • I got 99 problems but Ron Zook ain't one
  • Even Snoop Prefers Northwestern (with pic of Snoop in Rowley jersey)
  • Is this the line for Harry Potter?
  • Danny Heisman
  • NU = QB U (with names of recent NU quarterbacks)
  • Rod Blogojevich: NU '79
  • I luv fotbal. High Ma. Go U of I
  • Passion Bucket (with pic of Rich Eisen. i didn't get this but apparently Neuheisel started it)
  • Ron Zook: coming soon to an unemployment line near you
  • According to the Princeton Review the University of Illinois is the least selective school in the Big Ten
  • Fitz 4 Prez (with his pic wearing a Lincoln beard and the Lincoln hat trophy)
  • Trumpy 4 Heisman
  • The real NU welcomes UNL to the Big Ten
  • NU grads earn more $$$ than SEC recruits
  • NU: 95% graduation rate, 100% ownership of Iowa. (also briefly saw his NERDS sign)

but perhaps the best one appeared only briefly at the beginning of the show before it was likely confiscated:


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