Fired Bill Carmody: I'll get to it, I promise

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'll get to it, I promise

i'm sure all my faithful readers out there are anxiously awating my thoughts on the fiasco last Saturday. to be honest i didn't see the game and have not read about it yet, but i promise i will deliver later this week. i will also probably miss tomorrow's national broadcast debut as we get slaughtered in the ACC challenge, but i will watch it later in the week via TiVo and give you my detailed analysis.

but for now let me say this: every fired coach in every sport has a breaking point. he or she doesn't necessarily get the axe right then, but for each there is a point where we can look back and say, "yep, that game/incident right there. that was the beginning of the end." of course none of us know what the rest of the season will bring, but losing at home to an ivy league program, an ivy league program traditionally inferior to the one you left for NU, an ivy league program now coached by one of your former assistants... well, let's keep November 24 2007 circled on the calendar.

now i'm off to boo Joey Porter in the rain.


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