Fired Bill Carmody: Mass confusion

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mass confusion

so later this month Thailand is hosting the World University Games. here are a few excerpts from andy glockner's article about the US being represented by the University of Northern Iowa Panthers...

The United States has won 55 of its past 56 games and has an all-time mark of 125-7 in the 18 previous events, which occur once every two years. Those teams, though, were all-star squads, not Missouri Valley outfits that finished .500 in league play last season and suffered significant graduation losses. Meanwhile, UNI will play at least six games against opponents that will feature elite young national team prospects.

The Panthers jumped at the chance to represent the country after USA Basketball -- due to an overcrowded summer schedule that included the Under-19 world championship, Pan Am Games and the upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament -- opted not to compile a team for the University Games.

"It all happened really fast because of USA Basketball," said Craig Jonas, a marketing consultant for Basketball Travelers, Inc., which is organizing the trip. "[The Panthers] were the first one to respond."

sounds like if Carmody checked his email more often, we could have Kevin Coble and Jason Okrzesik playing in red, white and blue, and wouldn't THAT be depressing. [side note: when i went to to look up those names, i about had a heart attack when i saw a Michael Thompson on the roster. then i realized this guy is listed at 5-10 as a guard. still, it doesn't bode well.]


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