Fired Bill Carmody: Loss to Brown, the aftermath

Friday, November 30, 2007

Loss to Brown, the aftermath

i'm sure many of you are wondering why i won't let this game go. "but Coach, we suck and we lose a bunch of games every season..." but this one really bothers me, i think more symbolically than anything else. a chicago guy brings his Ivy league team into Evanston and beats us, with a Loyola Academy guy leading the way. while NU basketball success has not come close to Duke, Stanford and Penn/Princeton, at least we had cornered the market geographically. a hoops-playing nerd could pick NU over Wash U or Chicago since those programs aren't Division 1. but now any of those recruits who may have been in the stands or watching on TV see they may have more attractive options elsewhere.

this team has been outrebounded by an average of 19 per game in their 0-4 start. and they haven't exactly been facing a murderer's row either - at best Stanford and UVA are mid-level seeds. i don't think anyone in the big ten will be great this year, but it is tough to see anyone being as terrible as the 'cats.

12/3 Ed. note: they lost at home last year to cornell. i forgot about that.


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