Fired Bill Carmody: Live from 1/2 vs Penn State

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Live from 1/2 vs Penn State

here are my observations, in no particular order:

i'm very happy that Kevin Coble's mom is doing well and she looks great, but seriously - mesh sleeves?

tonight NU started a freshman Croatian named Nikola Baran. he looks like one of the Russian bad guys from Spies Like Us.

i actually feel much better about Bill Carmody after seeing Ed DeChellis's record at PSU.

now 4 minutes into the second half. fairly entertaining game but absolutely nothing interesting enough to blog about...

this team doesn't even try to rebound anymore. they are last in rebounding in the country, and now when NU puts up a shot the other four guys just retreat immediately down the court.

the announcers seem all hung up on how difficult it must be for other big ten teams to prepare for the princeton offense. but what they don't mention is that NU is puss enough to get manhandled by the nittany lions, they don't rebound and they only shoot 60% from the free throw line. so why would Bo Ryan or Tom Izzo would waste any time preparing for an offense run by a bunch of slow white guys afraid to go into the lane?

ok i just had to pause and rewind that last play so i could analyze it in slow motion. 4:20 left, down by 12. steal by Moore. as they cross midcourt it is 4 on 1 with another penn state defender trailing. Moore brings it down the left wing as coble sprints towards the basket. the one defender comes out to stop the ball, but Moore starts to shoot and then tries to pass to Coble. for some reason Okrzesik and Williams stop at the top of the arc and stand next to each other. as Moore starts to lose the ball, Okrzesik starts to back up the court (like i said, they don't try to rebound or in this case even get a loose ball.) by now the second PSU defender has come down the lane to cover Coble. as Moore retrieves the ball in the corner, now all 5 PSU defenders are in the lane and the other three wildcats aren't even viewable on screen. he kicks out to Thompson for a long three which is well short. psu gets the rebound and scores at the other end.

screw this i'm going to bed.


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