Fired Bill Carmody: A realistic look ahead

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A realistic look ahead

so they lose by 19 last night at the barn. let's take a look at the schedule and figure out where there are reasonable chances for victory. of course it would not be impossible for them to beat someone they shouldn't, but at this point i'm not going to plan for that. of their four wins, only @ kalamazoo is noteworthy. keep in mind the loss to Brown and also the "only" ten-point victory at home over savannah state, who earlier this week lost 85-25 to kansas state and set the shot-clock era record by scoring only four points in a half.

15 games left, ten of which are against michigan state, wisconsin, illinois, purdue, ohio state and indiana. if they lose all ten, that puts their record at 4-17. i know bruce weber is taking a lot of heat for the recruiting drop-off in that program, but i still don't think they're bad enough to lose to us. iowa is also struggling, but our only matchup with them is in iowa city, so i'm making that a loss. that's 4-18, with four other games against chicago state, UTPA and michigan twice. even if they beat the two independents and michigan at home, we finish at 7-19. factor in a loss at the big ten tournament, and it's going to be really really hard to get to 10 wins.


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