Fired Bill Carmody: Nothing interesting about this one

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nothing interesting about this one

hung for a while against the buckeyes, but then over a 9:23 span in the second half NU scored only 6 points. otherwise i didn't really see anything noteworthy, aside from another less than half-filled arena.

on another note, in browsing The Daily today, i came across an article suggesting that Northwestern could leave the big ten conference. i'm not really sure of the point of the article, since it explains in detail that NU has no plans to leave the conference and there really isn't a viable alternative. but it was frustrating enough that i had to mention it.

i don't know why someone would suggest that NU would be better off giving up our BCS bowl money and national TV exposure for the greener pastures of Conference USA. thankfully all the comments point out the ridiculousness of the idea, including one reader who observed, "This looks like it was written by someone with the intelligence of an 8 year old."


Blogger Luke said...

It makes me sick seeing Nicola Barron playing out there! Okresik is nine inches smaller, but is quicker and a better rebounder. Also why isn't Nash starting. I'm ready to throw in the towel on Carmody. Did you know Baron is shooting 32% from the floor?!?

2/14/08, 3:16 PM  
Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

Baran makes me miss Vince Scott. I never thought that would happen.

2/15/08, 10:23 AM  

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