Fired Bill Carmody: Purdon't beat us too badly

Friday, February 15, 2008

Purdon't beat us too badly

disappointed that i won't see the game against Purdue tomorrow. i watched much of their game against Sparty and i kinda like that team. Painter seems to just let them play and throw up 3s whenever they feel like it.

i think Robbie Hummell has to get consideration for POY in the conference. Neitzel has sucked at times, and as i mentioned earlier, Eric Gordon is overrated. i'm not saying he's a bad player, but at this point he is riding on the stats and highlight dunks from December's non-conference opponents. in their five biggest games - Connecticut and Wisconsin/Illinois twice - he's shot 25/70. of course, against us, Neitzel and Gordon have combined for 70 points in three games.

i guess i've never really minded Purdue in general. obviously less obnoxious fans than pretty much every other big ten program, and they even have a little nerd in them, as they are apparently big fans of math. and don't accuse me of being racist for liking this team just because over half their roster is white.

perhaps my favorite thing about Purdue is that on game days in the fall they do this thing called Breakfast Club. the bars open up at 6am and everyone gets after it nice and early. my good friend James will forever be kind of a puss for sleeping through it.


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