Fired Bill Carmody: So far, so good

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So far, so good

up 13 at the half over Minnesota. that 20 minutes was pretty much everything the rest of the season has not been:
  • NU shooting the ball very well - 11/17 overall; 5/9 from three; 7/8 from the line
  • Defense off the charts - UMN shooting 7/19; 2/10; 5/8. held to a season-low 21 points
  • NU with a 10-7 advantage on the boards

of course it didn't hurt that Minnesota C Tollackson left the game with an apparent ankle injury at the 17 and 8 minute marks, but i'll take it.

i do question Musburger and Lavin's research however, considering that Lav TWICE mentioned that Northwestern is not an easy team to come back against. those of us who have seen them give up lead after second half lead know that is not exactly true. plus Musburger at one point said, "The Wildcats are long at some positions but not sturdy." i don't know what roster he is looking at to see this "length."

...dammit. before i could even get these first-half comments posted, Minnesota has cut it to 6 and NU called timeout. dammit.


Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

EA update????

You must be the only person in the world doing a live blog of this game without getting paid for it.

3/13/08, 6:33 PM  
Blogger #1 blogger said...

EA didn't get much face time. checked in with a few reports from the sideline but i think her only words on camera were with Carmody at the end of the first half. she was wearing a little black sweater with a high neck - i've seen her in better.

3/14/08, 8:17 AM  

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