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Monday, April 28, 2008


i'm giddy with excitement to watch another branch from Krzyzewski's coaching tree fail miserably. (ala Tommy Amaker, Quin Syder, Bob Bender, Chuck Swenson and David Henderson)

but uh oh, Gottlieb thinks one of those Duke assistants could end up in a purple tie:

"What is most interesting is what this hire means for Duke assistants down the road. With the distinct possibility of Northwestern and Illinois coming open in the next two years, the ability for Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins to get one of those jobs may be linked to Dawkins' success at Stanford.

While Mike Brey has been a solid torchbearer for the past two years at Notre Dame as a former Duke assistant, the Irish play nothing like the boys in Durham. And while his zone defense and set offense has made the Irish a possible Big East title contender next season, it does not exactly say "Duke" in terms of style what-so-ever.

In stark contrast to Brey, Quin Snyder (Missouri) and Tommy Amaker (Michigan), as well as Dave Henderson (Delaware) and Tim O'Toole (Fairfield) to a lesser extent, tried the "Duke" system and lost their jobs. Dawkins has the face and pedigree to get it done in the recruiting world, but can he coach? The answer to that question may be the key to Collins and Wojo's futures respectively."


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